Starting Otezla and Staying Positive

When Dupixent didn’t work to control my severe eczema and inflammation issues, my dermatologist recommended Imuran. She gave me some print outs about the medication and the form to take to the lab to have some tests done before starting it.

The thing I really like about my dermatologist is that she is willing to consider all the options and she understands that some of these medications are really scary, especially with a family history of several cancers.

I read the documentation, did some more reading online, read about other people’s experiences, talked with my family and friends, and decided that Imuran was a little too scary right now. So we went looking for a less intense alternative.

Tomorrow morning I’ll pick up Otezla starter samples from the office and give it a fair chance to work before moving on to a stronger immunosuppressant medication. It has way less side effects, BUT one of the side effects listed is increased depression. That’s kind of a big deal for me.

Normally I would avoid something with depression side effects, but if my choices are increased risk of skin cancer versus increased risk of depression, I have to go with the more manageable one. I’ll need to stay mindful of mood and talk with my family so that if they notice any changes at all they know to say so.

Keeping my hopes up that this can work and I can get some relief from all of this inflammation and pain. I want my life back and I want to be able to do normal things again.

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