3 Things I Did for Myself in the New Year

These things are somewhat selfish, but sometimes that’s okay. Over the last two decades of my life I have put my needs last among the many things that get done in a day and sometimes that contributes to depression and anxiety symptoms. You can’t take care of others if you […] Read More

reef cam preview

Gloomy Day? Watch the Reef Cam

I discovered the Ocean Frontier’s Reef Cam while listening to podcasts one day, someone mentioned they were doing a dive with the OF folks and mentioned that their website had the Reef Cam and it kept them coming back to the website again and again. Of course I had to […] Read More

World Suicide Prevention Day

Suicide isn’t an just American epidemic, it happens everywhere and is equally misunderstood across the globe. I was thinking about what to do today other than donate to causes, blog about things, and the usual. I came across a list of interesting events that are happening, include some 5k walks, […] Read More

I’m Sorry I’m Not Happy Enough For You

I’m mostly happy. Apparently I’m not happy enough for other people, including my family. My lack of happy seems to make these people think I’m a boring, sad, mean person…. I’m smiling on the inside. Can’t that just be good enough for everyone? I can be happy about things and […] Read More