Looking Back at 2017….

Goodbye 2017, you shall not be missed.

It was not a good year for me. It started off great, but then by the end of March I was in an autoimmune flare up and my doctor kept saying “there must be a better way to treat this” and sending me to specialists, I was tested, jabbed, tested some more, take this medicine, take that medicine, let’s try this, oh sorry your insurance won’t cover that, …. etcetera…. and I spent almost the entire year feeling like complete crap on the bottom of someone’s shoe.

I literally spent March – December feeling horrible, awful, barely even functioning on a daily basis. Finally, in the last two weeks of the year I had a brief period of relief with a big dose of Prednisone.

Normal for a flash of a moment. Not sure if that moment will extend into January.

It’s still too early to tell if the Otezla is going to be helpful for the long term. So far that seems to be going well, I haven’t had any unpleasant side effects. My knuckles are a normal size and my hands aren’t swollen at all – I can’t remember the last time that was true – so that seems pretty positive.

As I sit here and look back, I realize that much of the last five years, maybe longer, I’ve felt so incredibly awful overall. I’ve missed things with my family, I’ve passed on visiting friends, so many days I couldn’t even drag myself to the grocery store. My quality of life, as they refer to it in the medical world, has been really low. Bad even.

This can’t go on. It has to change going forward….

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