Is Our Healthcare System Going Backwards When It Comes to Mental Illnesses?

Another day, another shooter. That seems to be happening at an increasing rate.

Almost immediately the rumors and speculations started to fly that the man is mentally ill, has PTSD, this or that.

Whoa. Hold on a second, folks.

First, let’s find out and not assume. That would be excellent.

Second, IF the shooter was in fact mentally ill, it speaks to how we handle these things.

Yes, let’s shine some light on how poorly we treat mental illness in our system. We need to do that.

We need to have those conversations about mental illnesses and our healthcare system. But, we also need to have them in a positive light and not just when there’s a tragedy happening.

Then they mention the shooter might have military ties. Again, we wait until there is a tragedy to talk about how poorly we treat our Veterans. Let’s look at it and put it out there in the open and talk it through before it gets to that point.

I feel like we’re going backwards lately. I half expect asylums and experimental treatment centers to start popping up again at any moment. I wish I was kidding. It really feels like that’s where we’re headed in America lately.

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