Finding Volunteer Opportunities Isn’t as Easy as You Might Think

I mentioned previously that one of the things I really wanted to do was volunteer work once or twice per week in my community. It’s something I feel compelled to do – put good out into the world and get good back, so they say – and I also want something in the form of work to do that gets me out of the house now and then, but not a J.O.B….

Working from home has its perks and for now when it comes to earning dollars that’s the path I’ll stay on. But getting out and volunteering is something I see as a win-win situation, it gets me out into the world and I get to help people, which makes me feel good and hopefully makes the people I get to help feel good at some point too. Makes sense, right?

The thing is I didn’t expect it to be so difficult to find volunteer opportunities. So far everything I’ve looked at has requirements that I don’t meet or they’re all full up on volunteers and actually have waiting lists. Say what? :/

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