Did a Lawmaker Seriously just Ask to Quarantine HIV & AIDS Patients?

What decade did I wake up in? :/ This news story about Betty Price (GA rep) was all over my streams this morning as I sat down to work. This person makes decisions on the behalf of other people, is supposed to have their best interest in mind, she even has a medical background, …

I can’t even find the words to make proper sentences right now because I’m baffled by the blatant ignorance.

I remember in the 80s when we knew so little about HIV and AIDS, there was mass fear about it and people discussed quarantines and other options back then. During that time we did what smart humans do, we learned about the thing that we feared, we found ways to prevent and treat the diseases, and we moved forward healthier and less afraid.

This is definitely 2017. I double checked the news and the calendar and even asked my son what day it was just to make sure we hadn’t time traveled in our sleep. This woman clearly doesn’t understand the spread of the disease or the treatment of it. She must also have been living under a rock the last 40 years while medical science has made progress in the area of treatment of HIV and AIDS.

She wants to quarantine people and wonders why they aren’t dying faster? WHAT? How is this even a conversation being held?

On the bright side of the story, the person Mrs. Price was asking these questions of, Dr. Pascale Wortley, director of the HIV/AIDS Epidemiology Surveillance Section at the Georgia Department of Public Health, did not play into the ridiculous notion of a quarantines and turned the conversation in a more informative and productive discussion on identifying and treating patients with the disease.

I say kudos to Dr. Wortley for keeping cool in this situation. As baffled and annoyed as I am reading about it after the fact, I can only imagine how mind-boggling this entire conversation had to be in person.

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