For a Few Days I Remembered How Life Felt…

For just a few short days I was reminded of what it’s like to live life appearing like an average normal person. For most of the last 10 years I have suffered with a stack of autoimmune disorder struggles, the most prominent being severe eczema, aka atopic dermatitis, aka itchy […] Read More

#MeToo – Keep Having the Conversation

To everyone that has posted their #metoo stories, I hear you, I see you, I believe you, and I’m so sorry you had to experience that. The first time I was harassed I was in 2nd Grade. An older boy giving unwanted attention on the playground, on the bus, and […] Read More

3 Things I Did for Myself in the New Year

These things are somewhat selfish, but sometimes that’s okay. Over the last two decades of my life I have put my needs last among the many things that get done in a day and sometimes that contributes to depression and anxiety symptoms. You can’t take care of others if you […] Read More

I’m Sorry I’m Not Happy Enough For You

I’m mostly happy. Apparently I’m not happy enough for other people, including my family. My lack of happy seems to make these people think I’m a boring, sad, mean person…. I’m smiling on the inside. Can’t that just be good enough for everyone? I can be happy about things and […] Read More