About Kat & This Blog

a blog about living with depression, anxiety, mental health issues, stress, and the inside of your own mind

I’ll admit right up front that this blog is written under a pseudonym. I’m telling you that up front because I want you to understand that it is not because I’m embarrassed or ashamed of who I am, but because I started this blog at a point where I was living my life very publicly online and I realized it was becoming a trigger for me and it encouraged addictive obsessive behaviors.

Additionally, using a pseudonym allows me to protect my family’s privacy and I can still openly discuss medical terms, therapies, and situations with you. It’s all good that way. Just because Katleigh isn’t my real given name doesn’t mean it’s any less me, it’s still very much me.

Why did I start this blog?

Because I found myself in the middle of a downward spiral of depression symptoms. It had been quite some time since I had any lurking symptoms (or at least I thought it had been awhile…) and then suddenly there I was crying uncontrollably, feeling like a steaming pile of poo, and wondering what the hell just happened. I wasn’t unhappy, but somehow I was in full depression mode.

I started journaling (pen & paper style) and it really helped me focus and start to feel better. Blogging was a natural progression for me, and it allows me to have conversations.

If I write a post that reaches one person and helps them get through their day a little easier then I feel like I’ve had a successful day. Talking to you in this way hopefully helps us both a little bit.

Contact Details

You can reach me any time by sending an email to info@sadhappymad.me
I have cut way back on my internet time and forced myself to leave the house more often, so I may not get back to you right away, but I will respond to every email (unless it’s spam of course LOL)